I solve problems through Experience Design and Creative Direction. I write about it, talk about it, and teach it.


I'm the Managing Partner and Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs in Atlanta, GA. After going to school to become a lawyer, I came to my senses and have spent the last 15 years as a Designer & User Experience generalist.

My creative experience includes product development, interactive, branding, and market segmentation for clients including MTV, AT&T, ESPN, Disney, Pirelli, Columbia Records, NATO, The PGA, Coca-Cola, UnitedHealth Group, Macy's, and Hard Rock Café.

You can learn more about my company and team at ninelabs.com. Prior to building Nine Labs, I founded Suckerpunch Studios in 2007, after working on the development of early eCommerce, Web Apps, Mobile, and Online Media programs at Verizon. I've been the big cheese, the plebeian, the middle manager, and the class clown. I've also folded clothes, pumped gas, bagged groceries, sold cell phones, and climbed the Great Wall of China. Outside of design, my passions are music, whiskey, Oxford commas, and Jesus, but not in that order.

My book, “Creative Truth”, details how to start and build a profitable design business through personal anecdotes and hard data gathered over my career. You can find out more about the book at thecreativetruth.com.

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